Serial Fisters Tell Us How to Fist – and Why!

"Try it at least once and then tell me how boring your sexual life was before."
Felippe Canale

How Chemsex Helps Queer Men Find Their Place in Harsh Cities

We speak to gay cultural theorist Jamie Hakim about how chemsex is a response to neoliberalism and the alienation of the modern city.
Matthew Broomfield
Safe Sesh

Don’t Believe the Hype: The New Drugs Strategy Ignores the LGBT Community

There's a mention of chemsex, but critics say it's not nearly enough.
JS Rafaeli

The Inside Story of London's Chemsex Scene

Christine Schierano has been documenting the world of drug-fuelled sex parties for the past six years.
Max Daly
true crime

The Life and Crimes of 'Cannibal Cop Killer' Stefano Brizzi

The Italian invited a policeman to his London flat for a chemsex party, strangled him, chopped him up and, inspired by 'Breaking Bad', tried to dissolve him in acid.
Kevin EG Perry

The Story of Mephedrone, the Party Drug That Boomed and Went Bust

In 2010 it was the UK's fourth favourite substance; nowadays it's used almost exclusively on the chemsex scene.
JS Rafaeli

Why Syphilis Is So Hot in London Right Now

Syphilis rates are higher in London than anywhere else in the UK. We tried to work out why.
Salma Haidrani

Gay Nightlife Is Dying and Grindr and Gentrification Are to Blame

As the legendary venues and parties that defined gay nightlife in the 1990s and 2000s die out, what are promoters doing to keep the party moving?
John Lucas
Chemsex Week

The Media's Moral Panic Over Chemsex Demonises Gay Men

Nobody is arguing that chemsex does not exist, but the media is inflaming the issue.
Richard Smith

A Conversation with Lord Norman Fowler, Architect of the UK's 'Gravestone' AIDS Campaign

In 1987, the former Conservative health secretary commissioned the controversial "Don't Die of Ignorance" adverts. Treatment has changed for the better since then, but Lord Fowler says there's still a lot of work to do.
William Fairman and Max Gogarty, Illustration: Dan Ev
Chemsex Week

We Need Gay Sex Education in Schools Now More Than Ever

The school system is where we need to start educating young people about sex and relationships, because it rarely comes from parents.
Cliff Joannou
club culture

Is Chemsex Killing Gay Clubbing?

As disillusionment with the scene grows, we consider the toll drugs and sex are taking on gay nightlife.
Thomas Hibbitts