Eating Disorders

9 hours ago

The 'Wellness Influencer' Lifestyle Can Be a Gateway to Disordered Eating

The corner of the internet that chronicles meticulous diets and "clean eating" regimens is still a petri dish for orthorexia.


How Pro-Anorexia Forums Embraced Huel

The powdered food is sold as a time-saving alternative to cooking, packed with vital nutrients. But some ED sufferers are using Huel to maintain destructive eating habits.


Cold Showers Help Me Manage Dysphoria When Nothing Else Works

When I had an eating disorder linked to dysphoria, I thought cold showers would help me lose weight. Instead, I find that they bring me back to myself.


What Ramadan Is Like When You Have an Eating Disorder

It’s easier to starve myself without arousing suspicion when everyone around me is fasting.


People Share How They Overcame Their Eating Disorder

"I realised that my body was not – and never will be – ​a problem to be solved."


This Eating Disorder Supper Club Is Part Dinner Party, Part Therapy

“From personal experience, I know that healthcare services are increasingly stretched. I saw a huge gap and felt that we were offering something really valuable.”


Are the UK's New Obesity Guidelines Dangerous for Eating Disorder Sufferers?

Public Health England's new healthy eating campaign recommends a breakfast of 400 calories, and lunch and dinner of 600 calories each.


All The News You Need To Know This Morning

Read this instead of opening Twitter.


Too Many Gay Men Still Hate Their Bodies

Why body dysmorphia and unhealthy body image issues continue to run rampant in the gay community.


Does Gay Porn Make You Hate Your Body?

In a new study, researchers establish a pretty direct link between gay porn consumption and body dysmorphia.


Bam Margera On How He Overcame Bulimia and Alcoholism

"One time, I ate a frozen pizza. I was so hungry I didn’t even wait to cook it, I just ate it frozen."


Vegans Shouldn't Ignore the Existence of Eating Disorders

In the fight to dissociate from "clean eating" and spread an ethical message, vegans like myself risk forgetting that disordered eating can exist alongside veganism.