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Supermarket Pulls Chocolate Easter Ducklings After Complaints of Racism

The color choices for Waitrose's “Crispy Duckling, Fluffy Duckling, [and] Ugly Duckling” have sparked controversy.


RIP the Can House, a Cultural Landmark Made from Empty Beer Cans

In 2005, Philip Muspratt started covering his Hartlepool house with empty beer cans. “Can House” became a folk art piece, a DIY social club, and an icon for the post-industrial town.


Good Luck Getting Medical Cannabis On the NHS

Despite official guidelines, doctors are reluctant to prescribe the drug, with one hospital posting a notice telling patients not to even bother asking.


Man Denies Running Restaurant Out of His House, Despite Huge Restaurant Sign Above Door

Maybe it's the giant illuminated sign that says “Orlando’s," or the Facebook page for Sakura Japanese Restaurant listing his home address.


Living On a Canadian Commune Has Made Me Hate the UK

"It's just work, pub, drugs, work, pub, drugs, and football."


Professional Dart World Rocked by Allegations of Heinous Farts

“It’ll take me two nights to lose this smell from my nose."


British Creamery Smells So Fucking Rank that People in Surrounding Neighbourhood Can't Sleep

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Introducing 'Microgapping', the Best Way to Spend Your Free Time

Imagine a gap year without the "year" part – a getaway lasting a few days that you can find right here in the UK.


England Are About to Start Their Latest Haunted Era

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