The Flat with One Bedroom, One Sex Room and Five Housemates

Five people have chosen to ditch their individual rooms for one bedroom, a living room, a study and a sex room.
Magdalena Berger
2 days ago

I Tried Renting Out My Hallway Cupboard for £350

The housing market is so bad that it made me wonder: how bad does a room have to be to actually put people off?
Paul Schwenn
london rental opportunity of the week

London Rental Opportunity of the Week: Rogue Landlord News Explainer Special!

Empirical proof that landlords are bad, courtesy of an ITV/Guardian investigation
Joel Golby
important subjects

A Deep Dive Into 'Homes Under the Hammer', the Greatest Show on British Television

"I think this house could achieve..."
Joel Golby
Tory Conference

Developers Who Got Rich Off Tory Housing Policy Are Sponsoring Conference

The beneficiaries of Help-to-Buy have put their name around party members' necks.
Solomon Hughes

A Day With a Homeless Family

In May, Alva and her three kids were kicked out of their home. Now, they're part of the group of 37,000 homeless people in emergency accommodation in Berlin.
Christina Hertel
generation rent

Renters Unions Will Help You Fight Your Scumbag Landlord

In the midst of a housing crisis in which landlords have all the power, these groups are helping tenants square up.
JS Rafaeli

London's Homeless Festival Was a Stark Reminder of How Bad Things Have Got

We spent a day at the event, organised by grassroots organisation Streets Kitchen.
Emily Goddard

Getting Bedbugs Actually Made My Life Better

I'm closer to my neighbours, living with less clutter and spend less time worrying about pointless stuff.
David Caprara
generation rent

The Real Reason Millennials Complain About Housing

I just want to set something straight, because the response to an article this weekend made me realise a whole lot of people don't get what's actually going on.
Hannah Ewens

A Single Woman’s Guide to Making Friends in a Hostel

Do: give that party hostel a chance. Don’t: worry about being slut shamed.
Mica Lemiski

These Photos Helped Me Understand My Dad's Overdose Death

Photographer Jackie Dives talks about the double exposures that helped her process the grief of losing a parent to addiction.
Jackie Dives