Germany Synagogue Shooter Denied Holocaust in Video Uploaded to Twitch

A Twitch spokesperson confirmed the link to the video has been taken down.


Make a Reuben with Your Leftover Latkes This Hanukkah

Monty’s Deli in East London is famed for its salt beef sandwiches. But the latke Reuben with sauerkraut, coleslaw, and Emmental cheese is just as deserving of the spotlight.


Hot Cross Babka Might Be an Unholy Union, But It’s Delicious

London cafe The Good Egg has combined the traditional Jewish cake with Easter hot cross buns.


How Hungary's Anti-Semitic Far-Right Poster Boy Found Out He Was a Jew

In 2006, Csanád Szegedi was Vice President of the country's virulently anti-semitic Jobbik Party. Then, his career came tumbling down after it emerged that his family had survived Auschwitz and Nazi labour camps.


The Crazy, Failed Idea of Creating a Jewish State in Russia

Birobidzhan was a small region near the Chinese border in Russian that was established as the world's first autonomous Jewish region in the early 1930s. It didn't last long.


Photos of Men and Women Praying at Separate Parts of the Western Wall

In accordance with Orthodox Jewish tradition – and thanks to a simple folding fence –, men and women are still praying separately in Jerusalem.


STDs, Shame, and the Sabbath: Orthodox Jews Reflect on How They Learned About Sex

Modern Orthodox children aren't as sheltered from secular life the way some more strict Jewish denominations are, but talking about sex is still taboo, and can leave kids confused – I know I was.


Strange, Disorienting Photos from a Birthright Trip to Israel

Maya Fuhr's dusty, dreamy photos from her trip Israel.


The Young Jews Shunning Israel and Building Radical New Communities

Young Jews who once saw Israel as their birthright are now shunning the state and finding community elsewhere.


I Went to the First French Service at a London Synagogue

I went to find out if the influx of French Jews in London is linked to antisemitism and terrorism in France.


Life After Leaving Israel’s Ultra Orthodox Jewish Communities

For many ex-ultra-Orthodox Jews, leaving the community means being excommunicated by their families, shunned by their friends, and learning how to navigate the modern world alone.


A Former Orthodox Rabbi Reveals Himself Through Taboo Sexual Art

Russian artist Vartan explores his identity in the artistic realm through powerful mystical sculptures.