John Lucas


We Went to the Opening Night of London's Only Porn Cinema

There was lots of public wanking and a little bit of kissing.


Why 'Suddenly' by Billy Ocean Is the Best Afterparty Song Ever

Billy needs to tell you something important, something about how your selfish little life of SnapChat fucks, soiled nights, and Uber escapes is meaningless.


How to Behave in Swingers Clubs

A few handy tips to make sure you don't get kicked out before you've even had the chance to take your clothes off.


Drinking with London's Furries Taught Me Some Valuable Life Lessons

If these guys can proudly wander around central London dressed like sad cat-humans, why should I give a shit about what anyone thinks of me?


I Went Looking for Ball Torture in a North London Gastropub

"I'm just looking for a girl who'll kick fuck out of me," says Danny, one of the guys I meet at the fetish speed dating event.


We Went On a Tour of All of East London's Grubby 'Strip Pubs'

The kind of places where a half-naked woman walks around with a pint glass for you to drop pound coins in. Because if you don't, you're kicked out.


This Is What It's Actually Like at One of London's Piss Dungeon Orgies

We met all sorts of people at the King's Cross watersports party, from a septuagenerian who likes men to urinate in his mouth, to a 25-year-old West Ham fan into shitty underwear.


Partying at WayOut, One of the UK's Oldest Trans Clubs

A load of male admirers were very keen to talk to us about chatting up trans girls.


Rising Rents Might Mean the End of London's Chinatown

Which would obviously be a terrible thing, as it's about the only interesting thing left in W1.


Premature Ejaculation and Straight Men in Gay Porn: an Interview with 'Britain's Best Bottom'

You might already know Darius Ferdynand from such films as '69 Shades of Gay', 'Stretch My Hole' or 'Darius Has a Big Fat Dick'.


This Is What a Night in Essex's Top Sex Spa Is Actually Like

Ever walked past Dagenham's Paradise Spa and wondered what's going on inside? From my experience, mostly people getting blowjobs in jacuzzis.


Photos from the UK's Biggest Gay Porn Awards

Tuxedos, tans and award-winning twinks.