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Horror Writer Blake Leibel Sentenced to Life For Torturing and Killing His Girlfriend

The judge called the murder an act of "inconceivable cruelty".


Trial Begins For Horror Writer Accused of Torturing and Killing His Girlfriend in Hollywood

A prosecutor accused Blake Leibel of following the storyline of one of his graphic novels in carrying out the heinous crime.


Seth Rogen Offered to Replace Morgan Freeman as Voice of Vancouver Transit

Freeman likely won’t be doing the campaign anymore in light of the sexual harassment allegations against him.


This White Comedian’s Rip-off of 'This Is America' Is a Pile of Garbage

What the hell is Nicole Arbour trying to do?


Cops Accused of Stealing a Scarface Statue From an Alleged Drug Dealer

"Say hello to my little friend, Tony Montana."


The Man Who Murdered Six Muslim Men in a Mosque Says He’s Not Islamophobic

Alexandre Bissonnette fatally shot six men during evening prayers.


Canadian Coke Smuggler Tells Court She Was Recruited by Her Sugar Daddy

She also said she did it for social media "likes".


Justin Trudeau Won’t Stop Putting His Hands Together in a Kurta Until He Has All of the Brown Vote

Justin Trudeau really, really wants Indian people to like him.


Video Shows Toronto Transit Inspectors and Cops Pinning Down a Black Teenager

The teen screamed “you’re hurting me” as three cops and two transit inspectors pinned him to the ground.


Alleged Serial Killer Had Young Man Tied Up in Home When He Was Arrested: Reports

Bruce McArthur has been charged with killing five men.


This Sex Offender’s Jail Sentence Is Being Postponed So He Doesn’t Miss School

Former junior hockey player Connor Neurauter pleaded guilty to sexual interference of a 13-year-old girl.