margaret thatcher


Hold On, Old Tories Can Save the Labour Party?

Apparently, David Cameron and George Osborne could save us from the sad death of Labour Party.
Simon Childs
Noisey News

Margaret Thatcher’s Briefing on Punk for a 1987 Interview Is Pure Gold

"The 'PUNK' era which hit the music world between 1976-1978 was a very basic musical style" – an official document, which misspells the word synthesisers.
Lauren O'Neill
hillsborough and grenfell

Why Are People Comparing The Grenfell Tower Fire To The Hillsborough Disaster?

In the aftermath of the deadly fire in Grenfell Tower, parallels have been drawn to the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans at Hillsborough. Both disasters have their roots in institutional negligence and a lack of care for working-class citizens.
Will Magee
football and the tories

Remembering All The Times The Tories Failed To Understand Football

Over the past few decades, Conservative politicians have intermittently attempted to appropriate football and use it to their own ends. This has led to much embarrassment for everyone, but most of all them.
Will Magee
tory and labour footballers

A Potted History of Tory and Labour Footballers

From Sol Campbell to Mick McCarthy, Frank Lampard to Big Neville Southall, some footballers are willing to stick their heads above the political parapet, whether it’s wise or not.
Will Magee

Memoriam's Karl Willetts Is Leading the Death Metal Resistance

The former Bolt Thrower frontman reflects on new beginnings, the necessity of political resistance, and Margaret Thatcher
Kim Kelly
breaking the sporting boycott

The Sports Teams Who Defied The Apartheid Boycott of South Africa

While apartheid South Africa came under blanket boycott from many international sporting bodies, there were teams who defied the ban. Those included England cricket and rugby sides, which led to bitter acrimony at home.
Will Magee
the oblivious hero

The Cult: Tony Stanger

In honour of the Six Nations, we’ve inducted an iconic rugby player from each country into The Cult. Here, we look to Tony Stanger, the oblivious hero of Scottish rugby.
Will Magee

Patriotism Watch: Uh Oh, Theresa May is the New Thatcher Now

Give us Brexit............... or else!
Joel Golby

A Bawdy Margaret Thatcher Sculpture Upends British History

YBA Marcus Harvey shows us what he thinks it means to be British in 2016.
Nathaniel Ainley
the vice reader

‘High Dive’ Is a Surprisingly Sexual Novel About the Botched Plot to Kill Margaret Thatcher

We spoke to Jonathan Lee about his new book and the connections between fucking and fanaticism.
Tracy O’Neill
maggie's boy

Remembering Mark Thatcher's Unplanned Desert Odyssey

In January 1982 the son of the British Prime Minister got lost on the Paris-Dakar Rally, thrusting the previously unknown event into the media spotlight.
Jim Weeks