New Labour

Not Gay As in Happy

Why It Took So Long for Labour to Address Gay Rights

Blair's New Labour eventually set the wheels in motion, but it took them so long to do so that Cameron was eventually able to claim credit for same-sex marriage.
Michael Segalov

What the 'Big Issue' Taught Me About Journalism

In its heyday, on a tiny budget, the maverick magazine sold by homeless people became an eye into Britain's soul.
Max Daly

Momentum's 'Alternative Labour Party Conference' Is No Such Thing

This week Momentum were accused of organising a "rival" conference to the Labour Party. But for years, huge corporations have been doing exactly the same thing.
Solomon Hughes
BRITAIN = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How the Labour Party Sleepwalked Into a Post-Brexit Meltdown

Labour has started to unravel as a result of its failure to inspire Remain votes in the EU referendum, but the rot had set in much earlier than Jeremy Corbyn's rule.
Conrad Landin
england's dizzying decline

England Since Euro '96: A Nation's Fortunes Played Out On The Pitch

Euro '96 was a high point for English football, and reflected the national mood as a whole. It's all gone rapidly downhill from there, but can England turn things around at Euro 2016?
Alex Hess

Is Britain Still Cool? We Asked Some Foreign VICE Offices to Find Out

How did we go from Oasis, New Labour and <i>Austin Powers</i> to Ed Sheeran, <i>Downton Abbey</i> and paedophiles?
VICE Staff
Adventures in UKIP Country

The Toxic Politics Polluting Essex

It's the failure of the main parties when it comes to dealing with local concerns that has led people to see UKIP as representing hope in Grays.
Tim Burrows, Photos: Hayley Hatton

It Is Absolutely NOT Confirmed That George Galloway Will Be Running for London Mayor

We met the Respect MP at his Westminster office to discuss Blair, the nuances of "lovemaking" and the potential for change in UK politics.
Nathalie Olah, Photos: Tom Johnson
Milf Teeth

How I Divided the Royal Family and Brought Down New Labour

After almost getting run over by the Popemobile.
Sophie Heawood