Chile's New Food Labeling Laws Have Created Creepy, Faceless Chocolate Santas

Mr. Claus is the latest fictional character banned from appearing on sweets in the country as the government attempts to curb obesity.


Fruit and Veg in Schools ‘Frequently Inedible,’ Report Finds

According to the Soil Association, produce provided for state primary school children is poor quality and high in pesticide residue.


Ban ‘Freakshakes,’ Says Anti-Sugar Campaign Group

No joy allowed in 2018.


For the Love of God, Please Stop Feeding This Dog

Students in Taiwan have been asked not to feed their school's guard dog, who's now a whopping 110 pounds.


London Mayor to Ban Junk Food Advertising on Tubes and Buses

If Sadiq Khan’s proposal passes consultation, adverts promoting high fat, salt, or sugar foods will no longer be allowed on public transport.


Jamie Oliver’s Campaign Against Childhood Obesity Has Classist Undertones

The Jamie’s Italian kids’ burger meal contains more fat, salt, and sugar than its Burger King counterpart, so what's the real issue with fast food?


Are the UK's New Obesity Guidelines Dangerous for Eating Disorder Sufferers?

Public Health England's new healthy eating campaign recommends a breakfast of 400 calories, and lunch and dinner of 600 calories each.


Millennials on Track to Become Fattest Generation of Brits, Research Suggests

Data from Cancer Research UK shows that majority of millennials will become obese between the ages of 35 and 44.


All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Read it all here so you don't have to open Twitter.


Science Suggests You Stop Eating So Fast

According to a new study from Hiroshima University, savouring your food may reduce the risk of heart disease and obesity.


Politician Wants to Ban Coca-Cola from Handing Out Free Drinks at Christmas

Liverpool councillor Richard Kemp has called Coca-Cola’s promotional Christmas truck tour a “cynical event” and “designed to increase the consumption of a product that is grossly unhealthy.”


Scientists Are Developing Injections That Could Stop You from Overeating

The experimental treatment, which has been tested on mice and monkeys, helped to treat obesity and diabetes, and changed food preferences.