Sheffield Restaurant Sparks Outrage for Naming Burger After Harvey Weinstein

Randy’s Hardcore Hamburgers has since issued an apology, claiming that it is “guilty of nothing more than poor taste.”


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Magid Magid wants more young people to get into politics.


Arctic Monkeys Are Done Being Rock Music’s Saviours

The grimy Sheffield romantics are back with an album that’s insular, moody, and straight-up weird. There are no singles on ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’, but that’s part of the appeal.


Behold a Confusing But Exciting Trailer For the New Arctic Monkeys Album

The Sheffield, UK band's sixth LP, 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino,' is out May 11 and tbh we're ready to rock.


Meet the Metal-Scientist-Turned-Singer Writing a Swahili Cookbook

Zanzibar native Mim Suleiman began writing a book of Swahili coastal recipes in 2012. Six years later, it's still not done—she wants it to be something special.


Introducing AFC Unity, The Left Wing Feminist Football Club

The team was founded on feminist and socialist values, and puts them into action in its approach to the game.


Photos from Lush Spectra, Sheffield's Finest Avant-Garde Festival

We took a camera down to the Mark Fell-curated event.


Coco Won’t Pretend to Be Someone He’s Not

The Sheffield MC on his first 16, working with Toddla T and making positivity his MO.


Does Anyone Still Give a Shit About Record Store Day?

Has it been ruined by major label releases and weasels flipping everything on eBay or is it still "Christmas" for music fans? We asked the people of Sheffield.


The Cult: Jessica Ennis-Hill

Jessica Ennis-Hill is one of Sheffield’s steeliest exports, and an athlete who has captured the imagination of a nation. For that, she more than earns her place in The Cult.


The Rise and Fall of Gatecrasher, the UK's Spiritual Home of Trance

The life and of Sheffield's most legendary institution, as told by those who lived and loved it.