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Why Brutal Domestic Violence Is Dismissed as 'Role Play'

Disgraced ex-NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman masqueraded as feminist and suggested he just liked weird sex. Neither was the truth.
Sonja Sharp
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Watch Drake Tell a Shitty Fan to Stop Groping Women

"If you don't stop touching girls, I'm gonna come out there and fuck you up.”
Mack Lamoureux
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Watch Nolay’s Powerful Video for "Dancing With the Devil"

One of grime's strongest voices details an abusive relationship effort to raise awareness of domestic violence.
Emma Garland

​When Your Teenage Romance Turns into Domestic Violence

A 19-year-old feminist is not who you'd except to stay in an abusive relationship. But the reality is, it can happen to anyone, at any age.
Madison Griffiths
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A Lawyer for Trump's Campaign Manager Once Lost His Job After Biting a Florida Stripper

A man accused of violence against a woman is helping defend a guy accused of violence against a woman.
VICE Staff
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Life as a Female Rapper in Guatemala, One of the Most Dangerous Places on Earth to be a Woman

Rebeca Lane is trying to make socially-conscious hip-hop in a country where femicide is part of daily life, and there are 56,000 reports of violence against women per year.
Jack Guy

An Interview with the Filmmaker Documenting Every Woman who Died of Domestic Violence in a Year

Vanessa Engle's new documentary 'Love You to Death' explores the lives of the 86 women killed by their male partners in Britain in 2013.
Olivia Marks

Does Mixed-Gender Wrestling Promote Equality or Violence Against Women?

Australian wrestling companies are shutting down bouts between men and women due to a growing number of complaints.
Rowan Forster

CeeLo Green Does Not Deserve the MOBO 'Outstanding Achievement Award'

It’s too late to take away Chris Brown’s Grammy, but our award shows need to stop patting the backs of men who have no respect for women.
Moya Lothian-McLean

An Ex-Cop's Mission to Solve the Murders Along Canada's Highway of Tears

Former RCMP detective Ray Michalko is investigating the murders of a number of women along Northern BC's "Highway of Tears".
VICE Staff

A New Crowdfunding Platform Helps Human Trafficking Victims Come Home aims to close the gap between caring about human trafficking and doing something to help its victims.
Laurel Tuohy

Will an Inquiry into the Deaths of Canadian Aboriginal Women Bring Peace to Their Families?

Mag Cywink, who has spent over two decades searching for justice in her sister's murder, fears a national inquiry will hurt those who it is trying to help the most.
Jane Gerster