Tender Defender Are Here to Pick Up Where They Left Off with Latterman

Hear a new song from the three-piece that is all parts Latterman members.

by Dan Ozzi
Jul 31 2015, 1:43pm

It all goes back to Latterman. There’s a sound and a vibe going around in punk right now—the sort of triumphant, melodic gruff-anthems that lean heavily on the “woah-ohs,” the fingerpoints, and the feel-good shoutbacks. Many would argue that you can trace it all back to one band: Latterman.

After their demise in 2007, the members of the beloved Long Island band went on to play in or inspire a long line of other acts—RVIVR, Iron Chic, Bridge & Tunnel, and pretty much any other name you’d see listed on the Fest lineup. Now, as if out of nowhere, three members of Latterman have returned to announce Tender Defender, a new project that arose naturally from hangout sessions.

Tender Defender has just released a peek into what they’ve been working on and DEAR GOD will the beardos get stoked on this. “Hello Dirt” is Phil Douglas, Mattie Jo Canino, and Pat Schramm reminding everyone why they are the undisputed godparents of this sound. Dig in below on this new song, which is set to be released on a still untitled mini-LP via Dead Broke Rekerds.

Tender Defender will also play their first show ever this month. Flyer below. See you there.