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Phoenix Asked The Internet To Remix "Trying to Be Cool"— Check Out The Results

Phoenix asked people to remix Trying To Be Cool, and this is what they came up with.

by The Creators Project
May 21 2013, 5:40pm

Phoenix are fond of remixes of their songs; "Entertainment," the first track off their new album Bankrupt! was reinterpreted by scores of artists, including Dirty Projectors, Blood Orange, Hot NaturedGrizzly Bear, and even Dinosaur Jr.

So it's no surprise that "Trying to Be Cool" off the same album has gone down a similar path. This time however, Phoenix adopted the democratizing nature of the internet to get their remix fix.

Earlier this month Phoenix exclusively offered up the stems for "Trying to Be Cool" to The Creators Project community with the challenge to create something unique. The Creators Project has since received clusters of digitally appropriated tracks from all over world, some of which might even be as good as the original. But don't tell Phoenix that.

Below are five of the many remixes that have impressed us so far.

"Trying To Be Cool" (Will Bloomfield Remix)

This remix's slower, harmonic nature causes something more emotional within the song to emerge giving it an ethereal, digitized ambience.

"Trying To Be Cool" (Wolf Saga Remix)

Wolf Saga's intro builds to a really twangy sounding 80s bass synth. Driving late at night with this playing, preferably in LA, would be pretty awesome.

"Trying To Be Cool" (Moon Bounce Remix)

Moon Bounce's remix has a great chill-wave glitch sound, plus for added points it has a unique fragmented harmony that makes it stand out from the crowd.

"Trying To Be Cool" (Poindexter Remix)

Poindexter's remix is very Random Access Memories-esque and is definitely giving a tip of the hat towards that revitalized disco sound.  

"Trying To Be Cool" (Limbic Void Remix)

This one's got everything you'd expect in a remix. It doesn't go for anything that's too way-out-there experimental, but just plays out as a solid jam.

And if you fancy having a go yourself, you can still submit a remix by following the steps below.

Download the stems here:

Once you've finished your remix, send it to us on Soundcloud via this DropBox widget. 

Send us your sounds And if you haven't yet, you can purchase Bankrupt! here.


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