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Here's a Photo of Bernie Sanders in a Giant Tub of Ice Cream

The man. The meme. The legend.

by VICE Staff
Apr 14 2017, 10:30pm

Screencap via Bernie Sanders's Twitter

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders could've gone to Ben & Jerry's headquarters in Vermont on Friday for a number of reasons. Maybe he legitimately wanted to talk about energy policy with its employees, as the company indicated on Twitter. Maybe he wanted to tease a new free ice cream platform. Or maybe he just wanted to try out some new flavors. Whatever the reason, the one-time presidential candidate walked away with a pretty good photo op: 

Maybe the man's PR team is genius. Or maybe this is just the podium everyone has to use when they visit the ice cream factory. But maybe—just maybe—Bernie Sanders actually wants to be turned into a meme. It worked pretty well that time he brought a giant poster of Trump's tweet to the Senate floor.

Or maybe not. But no matter; Twitter made the decision for him.

Bernie Sanders: The man. The meme. The legend. 

Bernie Sanders
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