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Constructing Linear Labyrinths Of Light

<p>Jeongmoon Choi uses thread to draw with light.</p>

by Kyuhee Baik
May 26 2011, 3:15pm

It seems we've come across a bit of a trend amongst Berlin-based artists who are making peculiar installations using the basic household medium of thread. Just a few weeks ago, we came across the sewn entrapments of Chiharu Shiota. Likewise, using very basic and simple elements to produce creative complexities beyond our expectations, Jeongmoon Choi draws with light.

Equipped with yards of thread and black lights, Choi graphs her gallery spaces into linear labyrinths. At first glance, her installations seem much more technologically driven than they actually are. As if in a vortex of laser beams, her spaces mimic digital situations that remind us of Pablo Valbuena's architectural augmentations or even one of Lumpens' immersive projection mappings. Choi also breaks away from the static confines of the grid, delving into illustration with thread as her pen and black light as her ink.