Magpie Lands Perfect No Scope Headshot on Twitch Streamer

Australian streamer LyNcHy_AU sat down to vape and play some ‘Valorant.’ He didn’t know a magpie was stalking him until it was too late.
July 24, 2020, 3:12pm
Image: LyNcHy_AU

It was a day like any other. Australian streamer LyNcHy_AU had been playing Valorant for several hours. It was a normal stream. He was vaping. He killed and was killed in return. He thought he’d have a normal day streaming with his friends.

Nature had other plans.

A magpie, a common Australian bird, had made its way into the house. At the 2:51:30 mark in his stream, Lynchy took a loss. Head in hands while he watched his teammates finish the round, viewers stared in horror as the bird stalked Lynchy in the background. The black and white mottled bird bopped in and out of frame, seeming to check the pet dishes in the background.

Was it there for food? Water? Or did it want to enact vengeance on humanity for its crimes against the environment? We had the answer soon.

A crash from off camera. “What the fuck?” Lynchy said, flinching back from an unseen presence. The magpie flitted through the background. Lynchy recoiled.

"My first thought was, we're in double overtime in competitive Valorant don't let the boys down," Lynchy told Motherboard in a Twitter DM. "It was one of those games that should have been wrapped up a long time ago. But the fact it happened in overtime adds to the clip."

“Oy!” He said in the video. “Get out of here.”

But the magpie would not be reasoned with.

“I had to try and get this bird out of my house, but it kept flying into my window,” Lynchy told Motherboard. “So I was waving at it trying to show it how to exit. Never did I think it would go viral.”

“There’s a fucking magpie in my house,” Lynchy told his teammates in the video as he sat down.

Then, horror, as the bird smashed into his face. Lynchy’s headphones flew off his face. It was the perfect one tap.

Lynchy disengaged from Valorant and ushered the bird out of his home. The magpie screeched, but left the house. Lynchy’s perfect pup entered the scene, but seemed uninterested. His teammates laughed and began sharing the clip of the magpie strike.

The pup was, in some respects, the culprit. Lynchy left his door open because the dog is only two months old and is toilet training. “So while I’m gaming I need to leave that door open that’s next to me so he can … do his doggy business,” Lynchy said later on stream. “And because my partner’s been feeding the magpies the last few days, they’ve started hanging around the back fence.”

“There hasn't been anymore magpie incidents but there was three of them on my back fence singing in the morning,” Lynchy told Motherboard.

Nature: 1

Lynchy: 0