2020 election

2 days ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Endorsing Bernie Sanders

A coveted endorsement from a celebrity in the Democratic Party.


Trump Is Feuding With the Mayor of Minneapolis Over Security Costs for His Rally

Trump’s campaign owes city governments at least $841,219 in unpaid bills for public safety–related expenses, and Minneapolis doesn't want to join that club.


Ukraine Is Now ‘Auditing’ the Biden Case

The Ukrainian government appears to trying to buy time and not alienate Democrats or President Trump.


Joe Biden Is Getting Smoked by Bernie and Mayor Pete In Fundraising

The former vice president raised $15.2 million in the third quarter.


Bill de Blasio Just Lost the Presidential Race to 'Other'

The mayor of New York was polling at 0% in his own city. The choice of "other" was polling at 1%.


Trump’s Favorite Family Members, Ranked by Facebook Ads

The Trump campaign has raised millions, and it's spent much of it testing which Trump family members perform best on Facebook.


Biden’s Vinyl Love and Castro’s Failed Attack: The Debate Moments You May Have Missed

With the top 10-polling candidates on stage, this debate had real substance. But it still got awkward.


HBCU Students Told Us What They Want to Hear From Democrats Tonight

Students at Texas Southern University are looking for the Democrats' plans on college debt, guns, immigration, and "change."


Republicans Avoided Complete Disaster in North Carolina's Special Congressional Election

President Trump pulled out all the stops not to lose what should be a safe Republican district.


Democrats Are Finally Getting Serious About Beating Steve King

The party is backing former minor league pitcher and conservative Democrat J.D. Scholten to unseat the most racist member of Congress.


Joe Biden Got Grilled About a Fundraiser Hosted by a Co-Founder of a Fossil Fuel Company. He Still Went to It.

Andrew Goldman helped to create Western LNG, which stands for "Liquified Natural Gas."