The GOP isn't all thrilled Trump's attacking Obamacare again

Republicans are concerned there's no plan to fix or replace it.


Trump's Policies Are Threatening the Health of His Own Supporters

Research shows the lives of white working-class folks have gotten harder, sicker, and shorter since he took office.


A judge ruled Obamacare is unconstitutional. Here's what that means for you.

The nation’s health program, also known as Obamacare, isn’t going away anytime soon.


Lawsuits aren't stopping Trump from trying to allow employers to opt out of birth control coverage

New rules unveiled Thursday will allow large, for-profit employers to deny coverage based on religious beliefs.


Republicans say they’re protecting people with pre-existing conditions. That’s not true.

Republicans are staring down their own records on health care.


Brett Kavanaugh Is a Threat to Disabled People’s Rights

Kavanaugh’s record suggests he doesn’t recognize the inherent humanity and value of the disability community at large.


Trump’s “short term” health insurance plans look cheap but they could drive up costs for everyone else

The Trump administration just moved to make short-term, risky health care plans a whole lot more permanent.


The States Attacking Obamacare Have a Lot to Lose

Some of the sickest states in the country signed onto the lawsuit to strike down the Affordable Care Act.


People Are Scared to Use Health Safety Nets Because of ICE

Known as a "chilling effect​," this public health principle can lead to a drop in everything from vaccinations and routine doctor visits to prenatal and HIV care.


Kentucky Republicans are determined to kill Medicaid

Governor Blevin wants to implement a work requirement for health insurance.


Sometimes It Makes Sense to Make Less Money

Our system is broken.


Preventing HIV Is a Matter of Privilege

How revolutionary is PrEP if vulnerable communities don't even have access to it?