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If a Woman Drinks, It’s Her Fault. If a Man Drinks, It’s an Excuse

It's the 1980s all over again.
Maia Szalavitz
15 hours ago
deep dive

The Best Dive Bar in Texas Opens at 7 AM and Refuses to Be Gentrified

You see the eternal Houston at D&W Lounge.
John Nova Lomax
5 days ago
bite me

I Made Booze Out of My Own Spit and Drank It

As a vegan, I feel the only ethical way to consume animal products is if they come from my own body.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

I Tried 'Mindful Drinking' to See if I Could Have Fun Sober

Alcohol-free drinks are catching on in a big way, so I thought I'd give them a try.
Tom Usher

Why We're Obsessed with Hangovers

You might be as addicted to hangovers as you are to the process that gives you one.
Matthew Neale

Is It Possible to Get Drunk on $1 Applebee's Long Island Iced Teas?

I didn't think I'd actually get lit off the $1 L.I.T. I was wrong.
Anna Iovine
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Snoop Dogg Making the World’s Biggest Gin and Juice Is What We Need Right Now

Long live this trash drink.
Manisha Krishnan
don't do this

People Told Us About Their Worst Drug-Related Injuries

"I'm going to have to get tooth implants at the age of 23."
Nilu Zia
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'Drunk or Stoned' United Stewardess: 'If Your Seatbelt Isn't Tight, You Fucked Up'

The airline has since apologized for the "concerning incident."
Drew Schwartz

What Happened When a Writer Who Idolized Drunk Authors Got Sober

In her new book 'The Recovering,' Leslie Jamison explores the roots of her own struggle with alcohol addiction and her concerns about quitting.
Maia Szalavitz
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The Office That Vets Trump Appointees Is Full of Bros Icing Each Other

They also reportedly "smoke electronic cigarettes, known as vaping."
River Donaghey
Drinking and Drugs

Why Getting Wasted Makes Some of You Fun and Some of You Awful

One lesson we learned: Your own expectation of what drink or drugs will do to you plays a big role in their actual effect.
Marianne Eloise