TikTok Users Are Inventing Wild Theories to Explain Its Mysterious Algorithm

No one knows how TikTok’s For You page algorithm works, so users have taken it upon themselves to construct their own theories.


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Creator of DeepNude, App That Undresses Photos of Women, Takes It Offline

An app that algorithmically 'undressed' images of women was taken down by its creator, citing server overload and potential harms.


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How YouTube's algorithm prioritizes conspiracy theories

YouTube is programmed in a way that could lead to the promotion of conspiracy theories, a former engineer says.


Facebook and Google are trying to dig local news out of the grave they put it in

Google and Facebook announced new initiatives to promote local media and get more “trusted” content in front of users.


This Algorithm Can Tell What You've Learned Before Going to Sleep

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Researcher: ‘We Should Be Worried’ This Computer Thought a Turtle Was a Gun

The once-theoretical problem of "adversarial objects" just got real.