Alia Shawkat


What Alia Shawkat Wishes Was Said in Controversial NY Times Interview

In a recent interview with cast members from "Arrested Development"— which spiraled into a heated discussion around actor Jeffrey Tambor's behavior toward co-star Jessica Walter—Alia Shawkat stayed relatively quiet. Now, she wants to be heard.


Alia Shawkat on Making a Sexy Film That's Not About Sex

In this episode of 'In Bed With Diana Tourjée', actress Alia Shawkat talks to us about "Duck Butter," her new film in which two women decide to have sex with each other once an hour for 24 hours.


Alia Shawkat Buries a Body in the Season Two Trailer for 'Search Party'

Michael Showalter's mystery-comedy series about a gang of hip amateur detectives returns to TBS November 19.


Bleachers' Jack Antonoff Is a Jilted Groom in a New Video for "Don't Take the Money"

It's a Wes Anderson-esque trip by way of Lena Dunham.


'Search Party' Provides an Intriguing, Binge-Worthy Mystery

TBS's millennial-centric mystery-comedy proves the network is searching for a newer audience.


THE TELL Is a New Podcast Where Your Fave Musicians Share Their Best Tales

Wanna hear TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone tell an intimate story that's both creepy and extremely amusing? Well here's ep one of THE TELL and there will be plenty more where that came from.


That Time Jon Daly Took Acid and Went Ice Skating with a Bunch of Kids

Chris Pontius, Jon Daly, and more told us about their craziest party stories in this week's episode of 'Party Legends.'


'Arrested Development' Actress Alia Shawkat Told Us About Her Awkward Hollywood Hookup

Shawkat told us about the time she went to a birthday party and ended up getting shaved by a famous actor for our new animated VICELAND series, 'Party Legends.'


We Animated a Bunch of Celebs' Weird Party Stories for Our New VICELAND Series

On the first episode of 'Party Legends' Alia Shawkat, Jon Daly, Chris Pontius, and Kid Ink share their stories of awkward Hollywood hookups, bad trips, and drunken-fueled destruction in Australia.


Adam Green's Psychedelic 'Aladdin' Is a Handmade Labor of Love

An exclusive look at how a group of friends and lovers, including Macaulay Culkin, Alia Shawkat, Zoe Kravitz, and Natasha Lyonne, made the version of 'Aladdin' you never knew you needed.


Behold! The Full Length Batshit Crazy Trailer of 'Adam Green's Aladdin'

The ultimate pop weirdo, Adam Green, has remade 'Aladdin' with papier-mâché boobs, Macaulay Culkin and a butt ton of your favorite artists, including Devendra and Andrew from MGMT.


Skaters Return with "Mental Case" and a Brilliant New Video Starring Alia Shawkat

The NYC band make a triumphant return with this awesome new tune and yeah, you know Shawkat—it's Maeby Fünke from 'Arrested Development' / Alana's doppelgänger in 'Broad City.'