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How I Got My Life Back After Being Addicted to Fentanyl

One of the characters in VICE's new documentary 'DOPESICK' talks about the realities of getting sober and how losing a friend to the drug inspired her to try and get help for others.


A Canadian Hockey Team Is Scrapping with Snoop Dogg over His Weed Business

Toronto's beloved Maple Leafs hockey team is in a full-on battle with Snoop Dogg for using a similar logo for his line of cannabis.


Here's What Ex-'World of Warcraft' Players Had to Say About the 'Warcraft' Movie

Watching the movie Warcraft served as a funeral service for the fandom I once fully immersed myself in.


I Spent the Night in a Hentai Porn Theater at Canada’s Biggest Anime Convention

The first rule of anime porn club is keep your hands where everyone can see them.


ADHD Medication Is Now Available in Candy Form in the US

As if doctors weren't already giving out ADHD medication like it's candy, now they literally can.


We Asked People How Drug Use Affected Their Relationships

Mixing drugs and romance can lead to startlingly different outcomes.


After Cop’s Big Night Out, He Mistakenly Reports His Gun and Car Stolen

Most of us just lose our dignity after going too hard. Not this guy.


Meet the Bouncers of Camgirl Chatrooms

Moderators tell us why they spend up to 20 hours per week silencing trolls for free.


This New Dating Site Will Help You Marry a Canadian to Escape Trump

Marrying your way into Canada isn't as easy as it sounds, America.


The Canadian Woman Who Had Her Family Killed When She Was 12 Is Now Free

The woman, now 22, had her boyfriend kill her parents and little brother ten years ago.


Popular People Are Basically Invincible, Says Science

Apparently having a massive crew is akin to doing morphine.


Canada Blames Social Media for Syphilis and Gonorrhea Outbreak

The government thinks you use Facebook to hook up. Better not tell them about Tinder.