Andy Warhol


Seven Pieces of Priceless Art People Ruined in 2017

This is why we can't have nice things.
Peter Slattery
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Drunk Woman Allegedly Destroyed Trump Fundraiser's Warhol Art on First Date

A Dallas court reporter allegedly caused $300,000 in damage after tearing down some Andy Warhol paintings and pouring wine all over them.
Lauren Messman
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This Animal Art Museum Is Like an Art History Zoo

Visiting Yellowstone? Swing by the National Museum of Wildlife Art in nearby Jackson Hole, WY.
Abby Ronner

Maurizio Cattelan Is One of Art's Greatest Mysteries

The renowned artist is as enigmatic as his controversial work.
Wilbert L. Cooper
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Jared Leto Is Going to Play Andy Warhol in a New Biopic

The actor plans to play the lauded pop artist in the upcoming film 'Warhol,' which he's also helping to produce.
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Please Kill Me

Andy Warhol Wanted Lou Reed to Be His 'Mickey Mouse'

The authors of 'Please Kill Me' talked with Warhol's "boy," Billy Name, a key figure in the 60s art scene who built the Factory, as well as witnessed the rise of Edie Sedgwick, the Velvet Underground's breakup, and the time Warhol was almost murdered.
Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain

Sipping and Spilling Tea with RuPaul

America's favorite drag superstar reads the gay community, Hollywood's capitalist core, and his own legacy.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

The Last Days of Disco Captured by Photographer Bill Bernstein

A new photo book charts the rise and fall of disco as a crucial moment in history, and the impact the movement had on New York clubland.
Amelia Abraham

Warhol Superstar and Trans Pioneer Holly Woodlawn Remains Unstoppable, Despite Cancer

Despite battling a serious illness, the Holly from Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" is in good spirits.
Paul Gregoire
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Why Fans Are Sending Legos to Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei

After the Danish toy company refused to give Ai bricks for his latest portrait series, the internet came to the artist's aid.
Wendy Syfret

'Twenty Years Ahead of the World': Talking to Legendary Performance Artist Penny Arcade

We talked to the one-woman show about five decades of performing, her oral history project <i>Lower East Side Biographies</i> and the need to offer young people a queer, punk-rock, alternative to the mainstream.
Amelia Abraham

Meet Brent Ray Fraser, the Artist Who Uses His Dick As a Paintbrush

The self-described "artsexual" has painted President Obama, Marilyn Monroe, and his balls.
Oscar Raymundo