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That Teacher Who Fed a Live Puppy to a Turtle Was Found Not Guilty

Robert Crosland was facing animal cruelty charges, but his students wound up coming to his defense.
River Donaghey

Two Men Arrested for Forcing Alligator to Chug Beer

The men posted images of the animal abuse on Snapchat.
Alex Swerdloff

Spring Break Bros Anger World by Using Beached Shark to Shotgun Beer

The Instagram account has previously posted videos of bros using a starfish as a beer luge and shotgunning a beer with a jellyfish in it.
Alex Swerdloff

Check Out This Festival Where People Tear the Head off a Goose

The first person to do so is crowned Goose King for a year.
Maarten Delobel

The Woman Going Undercover to Expose the Brutal Animal Torture in Factory Farms

As an animal farm investigator, Lisa moves constantly, getting jobs in the agricultural business to document the horrific abuse she's dedicated her life to stopping.
Leila Ettachfini

​'Sometimes They're Boiled Alive': Inside the Abusive Animal Crush Industry

Extreme fetish videos of animal abuse—where small animals are crushed, ripped apart, or burned to death—appear all over the internet. We speak to the investigators charged with bringing the culprits to justice.
Sirin Kale

There's a Cat Serial Killer on the Loose, and I Spent a Day Trying to Catch Him

A shadowy figure known as the "M25 Animal Killer" has been terrorizing the pet owners of South London, with over 30 confirmed kills. We spend a day with police and the couple fighting to catch him before he strikes again.
Sirin Kale

Taking This Photo Would Be Illegal in Utah

Ag gag laws make it illegal to go undercover in factory farms, like the Humane Society did at this egg farm in Maine.
Kaleigh Rogers
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​Humane Society Removes Cats from Canadian Cat Café Amid Abuse Allegations

An anonymous former employee claims that the cats were mistreated, stressed, and malnourished.
Jake Kivanc
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​PETA Blasts Justin Bieber for Posing with Allegedly Abused Tiger

What a weird thing to do at your dad's engagement party.
Jake Kivanc
The VICE Guide to Right Now

America's Most Famous Circus Elephants Are Retiring to Florida

Give your grandparents a heads up.
Helen Donahue

Dairy Farm Accused of Beating Cows Finally Faces Charges After Two Years

One of the largest dairy farms in Canada is now facing 20 counts of animal cruelty.
Kaleigh Rogers