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Sacha Baron Cohen Got MAGA Trolls to Gangbang a Trump Dummy on TV

All in the name of fighting Antifa.
River Donaghey

'Unite the Right 2' Was an Incredible Self-Own for Racists

This wasn't hard to see coming.
Allie Conti

Antifa Activists Are Freaking Out About a Proposed 'Unmasking' Law

The bill targets antifascist and anarchist protesters who use "black bloc" tactics to challenge the alt-right.
Allie Conti
Desus & Mero

Guy at Far-Right Rally Tries, Tries, Tries, Fails to Rip Up Anti-Fascist Sign

The fingerless gloves aren't helping, dude.
Sarah Bellman

The Rise and Fall of Based Spartan

VICE met up with the former alt-right radical to hear how he wound up involved with the movement, and why he decided to leave it.
VICE Staff

Dystopian Sketches from Inside the Inauguration Protesters' Trial

Strange scenes from what is surely one of the most insane courtrooms in America right now.
Molly Crabapple

The High-Stakes Legal Battle Over Inauguration Protests Starts Today

The first trial for nearly 200 defendants facing felony riot charges over the January protest starts Wednesday, and could shape what activism looks like under Trump.
Meredith Hoffman
Can't Handle the Truth

No, the Sutherland Springs Shooter Wasn't Antifa

And other fake news from the week.
Mike Pearl
Can't Handle the Truth

No, NAMBLA Is Not Protesting the Alt-Right for 'Pedo Bashing'

Far-right luminaries like Mike Cernovich would love nothing more than for child molesters to pick a fight with them. But that's not really happening.
Mike Pearl
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

NYC Terrorist Attack, Paul Manafort, and Philadelphia's Black Bloc

On this episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast,' we discuss new details on the attack that left eight dead, Manafort's fake passports, and meet members of the Antifa movement.
VICE Staff

Being Part of the Black Bloc Means Fear, Isolation, and Violence

We spoke to far-left activists about the mental strain and physical strain of their day-to-day lives.
Donovan Farley
VICE Specials

The Black Bloc: Inside America’s Hard Left

VICE met members of Philadelphia's Antifa movement to learn more about their tactics before they went out to a local Trump rally.
VICE Staff