Behind the U.S.'s Bogus War on Taliban Drug Labs

America has spent tens of millions of dollars blowing up heroin and meth labs in Afghanistan. Except many of them are just huts.
Mike Power
a day ago
climate change

Framing Climate Change as a 'National Security Threat' Is Dangerous

Understanding climate change as a national security threat putting “military readiness” at risk postures refugees as a threat and the U.S. military as threatened.
Caroline Haskins
Iraq war

Trump Pardons Ex-Army Soldier Convicted of Stripping Iraqi Prisoner Naked and Murdering Him

Michael Behenna was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the 2008 killing.
Tim Marcin

Man Acquitted on Charges He Tried to Fatten Himself Up with Fried Chicken to Avoid Army Service

Prosecutors argued that the 22-year-old Korean man intentionally gorged himself on chicken and booze before his physical exam.
Jelisa Castrodale

The US Army Somehow Thought This Rap Recruitment Video Was a Good Idea

'Uniform: paid for. Electric bill: paid for. Water bill: paid for.'
Justin Caffier
future guns

Army Eyes New ‘Ribbon-Gun’ Rifle That Fires Four Rounds at a Time

The L4 is just one of several gun designs the ground-combat branch has considered in recent years as it attempts to replace older weapons.
David Axe

The Military-Industrial Complex Roots of GPS

The evolution of the global positioning system, the greatest non-internet idea to come out of the Space Race, and why the military initially hobbled it.
Ernie Smith

'Wake,' Today's Comic by Penelope Gazin

Sweetie goes on a strange and epic journey to unleash her inner strength, free an army, and reclaim her throne.
Penelope Gazin
major laser

The US Navy Bought Its First Big Laser Cannon

New, drone-frying weapon could go to sea in 2020.
David Axe

PHOTOS: A month of snow fell on Moscow this weekend

Russia is sending in soldiers to unearth the capital.
Josh Marcus
Not a Drill

Russia Is Deploying Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Defend Its Arctic Oil Claims

The surface-to-air system is built for cold and can shoot down cruise missiles in the rapidly warming, potentially oil-rich Far North.
David Axe
On Edge

Neighborhoods Need to Be Designed More Like Military Bases

Bases are now built with a focus on mental health.
Emily Cassel