Sexism Is Not the Reason NASA Called Off the First All-Female Space Walk

“An individual may find that their sizing preferences change in space.”


I Ate a Canadian Tasting Menu for Astronauts and It Was More Swanson Than ‘Jetsons’

The menu for astronaut David Saint-Jacques's mission into space included maple leaf cookies and a whole lot of fish.


The Legacy of Mae Jemison, the First Black Woman to Travel Space

Breaking through glass ceilings and also earth's atmosphere.


The Teenager Who Sent An Experiment to Space and Dreams of Visiting Mars

Alia Almansoori won a competition to have her experiment sent to the International Space Station, but she's not capping her ambitions at low Earth orbit.


Meet the First Woman to Fund Her Own Trip to Space

Anousheh Ansari immigrated to the US from Iran and felt that as a teenager who didn't speak English, she had no path to become a NASA astronaut. She tells Broadly about her journey to become the first female private space explorer.


What It’s Like to Be in the Running to Be an Astronaut

Can you sprint-swim through an aquatic obstacle course and then memorize a code underwater that you have to recall the next day?


Austra's "I Love You More Than You Love Yourself" Video is a Compassionate Portrait of an Astronaut's Depression

The clip for the 'Future Politics' highlight was inspired by the story of former NASA captain Lisa Nowak.


Farewell Gene Cernan, the Last Man on the Moon

Cernan passed away Monday surrounded by his family. He helped crew three historic spaceflights, including the Apollo 17 Moon landing in 1972.


Astronaut, US Senator, and Unflappable Badass John Glenn Has Died at 95

Glenn was surrounded by his loved ones, including Annie Glenn, his wife of 73 years.


Astronaut and American Hero John Glenn Has Died

Glenn, who died Thursday at the age of 95, was the first US astronaut to orbit Earth, the third American in space, a four-term senator for Ohio, and a one-time presidential candidate.


Astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s South Pole Visit Took a Crazy Turn

The iconic astronaut, 86, is in stable condition at at Antarctic research station.