Trump Just Pardoned a Guy Who Wrote a Glowing Book About Him

“The traits that elevated Donald Trump to the White House are the traits of America,” the book began.
Rex Santus
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How one doctor's letter from 1980 helped create the opioid crisis

Jaclyn Skurie
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This Detroit duo is bringing “Street Lit” to television mainstream

Detroit's bestselling co-authors Ashley and JaQuavis Coleman are now creating TV shows.
Mary HK Choi
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Author Writing Book About Murderous Author Arrested for Murder

"I've been waiting for you here all this time," Liu Yongbiao reportedly told the arresting officers.
Lauren Messman

What I Learned Hanging Out with Corpses Around the World

Author and mortician Caitlin Doughty tells us about her new book, in which she explores funeral rites from across the globe.
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A train ride gives way to a hallucinatory and grisly news interview in this excerpt from the upcoming sci-fi sequel 'Archetypal.'
Joseph Mackinnon
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Watch Live: Sci-Fi Author Kim Stanley Robinson on Climate Change And Staying Afloat in a Drowned New York

The acclaimed sci-fi author talks to Motherboard about his new novel 'New York 2140', set in a realistically flooded—but still thriving—Gotham.
Carl Franzen
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This Montreal Bartender Can't Make Cocktails But He's One Hell Of a Storyteller

Grumpy’s is one of the last true dive bars in Montreal. Once the stomping ground of Canadian literary heroes like Nick Auf Der Maur and Mordechai Richler, it has evolved into a haunt for musicians, intellectuals, and degenerates alike.
Nick Rose
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Marc Spitz, Music Journalist and Author, Dead at 47

He wrote for ‘Spin,’ ‘Rolling Stone,’ and ‘Salon’ as well as publishing ‘Twee: A History’ and ‘How Soon Is Never?’
Alex Robert Ross
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You'll Soon Be Able to Smoke from Hunter S. Thompson's Personal Weed Stash

Guess we know what weed the guys in your English 201 class will be smoking.
Allison Tierney

The Author Behind ‘Arrival’, the Sci-Fi Movie of the Year

Ted Chiang is about to invade your mind.
Matthew Giles
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Eimear McBride Is Back

The writer's second novel, The Lesser Bohemians, took nine years to write and comes out this month.
Lauren Oyler