How Video Game Avatars Helped Me Transition

On today's episode, Broadly's Diana Tourjee talks about how online avatars gave her a glimpse of the body she identified with as a child.


My Avatar, My Self: How Video Games Gave Me Ownership Over My Body

As a trans kid unable to wear what I wanted, to look how I wanted, to be seen by others as I saw myself, the avatars I designed reflected more of me than any mirror ever could.


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The new circular avatars make it look like Instagram, Snapchat and...Google Plus.


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The resistance is rising, even in virtual worlds.


Virtual Reality Makes Avatars More Important Than Ever

Immersing yourself in an alternative universe is VR’s selling point. But how do the avatars that populate these worlds impact our experiences and our behaviour?


Why Is 'Second Life' Still a Thing?

It was never just a game.


Men Are Working Out Their Issues By Playing As Their Lovers and Exes in RPGs

Male gamers are creating avatars of significant others past and present, playing as them or with them, as a meditation on the nature of their relationships.


How Neon Indian Uses a Kinect to Sync Their Live Show Visuals with the Band

We’re just all piles of data waiting to be used in the end.


This Artist's Nonsexual 3D Avatar Goes Haywire in a Quest for a 'Perfect Brain'

Shanghai-based artist LuYang explores perfect brains, death, and multimedia funeral hearses in 'Delusional Mandala.'


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In the future, we'll be able to use lifelike "alters" to stand in for us at work and social events. Just be sure to note the expiration policy.