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An Ex-FBI Agent Explains Everything Wrong with the Kavanaugh Probe

From witnesses being able to just avoid the feds until the clock runs out to hamstrung agents and an enraged public, it could get ugly.
Matt Taylor

Commercial Drone Pilots Must Undergo Background Checks Under New FAA Rules

They will soon be vetted under the same secret criteria used for airline pilots and airport security, including the US government's terrorist watchlists.
Janus Kopfstein

Which Gun Control Policies Will Actually Work?

An attorney at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence helps us break down the most effective ways of stopping gun violence, from background checks to taking guns away from domestic abusers.
Harry Cheadle
Uber Earth

Uber's Drive-By Politics

The fights that Uber and Lyft wage in cities like Austin look like local politics, but their actions often put corporate interests above local ones.​
Alex Rosenblat

Feds Will (Finally) Mine Social Media for Background Checks

It’s 2016, and only now the US government figures out social media is a thing.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

President Obama's Executive Actions on Gun Control, Explained

What to know about the president's push to require everyone "engaged in the business" of selling guns to register as a firearms dealer.
Alex Yablon

The House of Representatives Is Trying to Block Syrian Refugees with Red Tape

Lawmakers—including nearly 50 Democrats—easily passed a bill that would effectively stall Obama's plans to accept 10,000 new refugees from the war-torn country.
Mike Pearl
short circuit

Sex Offenders and a Convicted Murderer Passed Uber's Background Check

Prosecutors in California found criminals who had passed the test to drive for the ride-hailing company.
Kari Paul

Two DEA Employees Are in Trouble for Allegedly Lying About Running a Strip Club

David Polos and Glen Glover have been accused of hiding their shady side gig during a federal background check.
Mike Pearl

Are Uber and Lyft Doing Enough to Keep Criminals from Getting Behind the Wheel?

After several high-profile incidents of drivers attacking their passengers, critics are saying that the ridesharing companies skimp on background checks.
Taylor Prewitt

We'll Always Have School Shootings Because We Really Really Love Guns

The NRA may be a bloated, possibly corrupt, excessively powerful lobbying force, but it's also the mouthpiece of a fandom more widespread than Bronies, Trekkies, and Furries combined and multiplied by a hundred.
Mike Pearl

Forget Gun Control, Let’s Ban the Senate

The failure of the gun control bill isn’t an example of cowardice on the part of senators who didn’t vote for it, or some fatal flaw on behalf of its sponsors. It’s just another case of the Senate being cripplingly, pathetically gridlocked and unable...
Harry Cheadle