Bear Grylls


‘You vs. Wild’ Proves Interactive TV Isn’t Always as Exciting as ‘Bandersnatch’

No matter how hard you try, you can’t kill Bear Grylls in Netflix’s new interactive survival series.


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Should he risk falling off a mountain or nearly drown in a river? Your call!


Bulgaria Is Mad at Bear Grylls for Eating Frogs in Its National Park

The cable television survivalist and amateur piss sommelier is in hot water for boiling and eating frogs he found in Rila National Park.


A Press Trip for 'The Revenant' Convinced Me I'd Have No Chance of Surviving in the Wild

Would I be able to survive a bear attack, make a fire, build a stretcher, and stalk prey? In a word, no.


Reality TV Star Les ‘Survivorman’ Stroud Thinks Other Reality TV Stars Are Bullshit

He really doesn't like other outdoor survival reality stars. Nor does he drink his own piss.


A Comprehensive Guide to British Reality TV

In addition to readymade sandwiches, after-work drinks, and classism, Britain has really perfected the art of reality TV. Here is a handy guide to help you through the madness.