[NSFW] Malie Huffman’s Fierce Women Are F**king Wild

The illustrator weighs in on the cathartic effects of appropriating the male gaze with gore, blood, sex, and powerful women.
Annie Armstrong

Canada's Top Court Ruled That Oral Sex with Animals Is Legal

In a judgement released Thursday, the court ruled that only penetrative sex with animals is a crime, not oral sex.
Manisha Krishnan

The Time a Pilgrim Was Executed for Having Sex with a Turkey

In 1642, as a wave of sin swept over the nearly prosperous colony of Plymouth, a man named Thomas Granger entered the history books in the most ignoble way imaginable.
Zack Huffman

Now We All Have to Imagine David Cameron Sticking His Genitals Inside a Dead Pig

An unauthorized biography of the British Prime Minister alleges he fooled around with a severed pig's head in college.
Joel Golby

The Strange, Sad Story of the Man Named Mr. Hands Who Died from Having Sex with a Horse

Ten years after a video of the horrific act was circulated around the internet, I talked with the journalist who made a documentary about the community of zoophiles the victim belonged to.
Zach Sokol

I'm the Welsh Bus Driver Who Had His Life Ruined by 'Tiger Porn'

Andrew Holland had his life upended after police mistakenly identified a video on his phone of a woman having sex with a man in a tiger costume as bestiality. Now he's campaigning to change the country's extreme pornography laws.
Frankie Mullin
the real

The Real 'True Detective'?

Ten years ago, the town of Ponchatoula, Louisiana, was traumatized when a local church's secret Satan worship, ritualized child molestation, and animal sacrifices came to light. Sound familiar?
VICE Staff
A Few Impressions

James Franco's Take on 'Romeo and Juliet'

Here’s a little video based on <i>Romeo and Juliet</i> that I directed. It was shot by my main man, Bruce Thierry Cheung, who is <i>still</i> at NYU after six years—someone tell that boy to graduate.
James Franco

Nobody Wants to Talk About Bestiality Until Someone Fucks a Horse

There aren't a lot of experts on bestiality law in the U.S, but the few there are tend to agree that it's a solitary crime.
Mark Hay

The Woman Who Trains Dogs to Have Sex with Humans

Meet Anna, a mature Ukrainian prostitute who doesn't seem at all upset about her job.
Andrei Zalupin

Is It Weird When Pets Watch You Have Sex?

I used to date a guy who had a beautiful gray cat, and as a cat mommy myself, it pleased me to no end that I’d found a cat daddy to copulate with. That was until, midcoitus, I found myself face to face with said feline.
Kat George
Real-life Stories

Home Town Heroes

Everyone has a hometown story they wheel out to impress friends. That said, you can weird people out when you start talking about that time you had sex with a wine bottle on the beach. Here are a few stories about hometown pride.
VICE Staff