R. Kelly

R. Kelly is back in jail — this time for failing to pay child support

Kelly will stay in jail until he pays more than $160,000 in child support to his ex-wife.
Rex Santus
R. Kelly

"I’m fighting for my fucking life:” R. Kelly screamed and cried during first interview since sex abuse charges

Kelly’s publicist eventually had to come in to calm him down.
Emma Ockerman
sexual harassment

$20 million of Les Moonves’ planned severance will go to these groups

Check out the full list
Rex Santus

CBS paid Eliza Dushku $9.5M after she was allegedly fired for objecting to sexist behavior

The investigation report cites Dushku’s treatment as an example of a broader cultural treatment of women at CBS, where Les Moonves was recently ousted as CEO after several women accused of him of sexual assault.
Rex Santus
sexual assault

Les Moonves had a CBS employee "on call" for oral sex

“Based on the facts developed to date, we believe that the board would have multiple bases upon which to conclude that the company was entitled to terminate Moonves for cause."
Rex Santus

Les Moonves tried to bribe alleged victim with acting jobs after #MeToo took off

According to a new report, Moonves tried to bribe one accuser with acting roles and launched a failed cover-up after he was exposed as a serial harasser.
Rex Santus

CBS reportedly knew that Les Moonves had been investigated for sexual assault

Moonves has been accused of harassed or assaulting six women between the 1980s and early 2000s.
Carter Sherman

Everything We Know About the Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Les Moonves

Six women have accused CBS executive Les Moonves of misconduct including harassment, forcible kissing and retaliation in allegations spanning two decades.
Marie Solis
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Harry Styles’ Life Is Going to Be... an American Sitcom

The CBS show, which now has a trailer, is an interesting move for someone who says nothing at all.
Lauren O'Neill

Charlie Rose sued for allegedly asking employees to have sex with each other

Katherine Brooks Harris, Sydney McNeal, and Yuqing “Chelsea” Wei all worked with Rose at CBS at points between 2016 and 2018.
Chelsey B. Coombs
sexual harassment

Charlie Rose cancelled across the networks after harassment allegations

Alex Lubben
sexual harassment

Charlie Rose suspended after sexual harassment allegations

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