Child Abuse


The Murder of Charlene Downes, the British Schoolgirl Who Vanished Without a Trace

Sixteen years ago, the 14-year-old disappeared. Since then, her case has sparked an investigation into police work and has become the focus of the far-right.
James McMahon
the internet

Inside the Organization That Rids the Internet of Child Sex Abuse

We visited the headquarters of the Internet Watch Foundation, whose analysts are tasked with searching out and identifying child sexual abuse images and videos.
Michael Segalov

A Woman Went to Prison After Her Baby's Dad Was Accused of Child Abuse

"I gotta be strong for my babies," she said from jail.
Roxanna Asgarian
child marriage

The Teenager Fighting Against Child Marriage in Bangladesh

Though her mother threatened to kill herself if she didn't marry at 13, Meghla managed to get out of it. Now, she helps to prevent other child marriages from happening.
Tim Geyer

Parents Need to Do More For Teens With Depression

If you don't let your kid get treated for mental health issues, is that neglect?
Michael Shapiro

The Idyllic Restaurant Chain Owned by a Homophobic, Racist, Child-Beating Cult

They don't exactly advertise their beliefs on the menus.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

How Do You Know if Your Neighbors Are Torturing Their Kids?

After 13 siblings were found badly malnourished and shackled to their beds in California, it's worth thinking about what to watch out for—and how to help.
Lauren Lee White

What Happens Next to the 13 'Tortured' California Kids Who Escaped Their Parents?

Shackled to beds and malnourished by allegedly abusive parents who homeschooled them, the Turpin siblings are free. We asked experts how they move on.
Lauren Lee White

How Christian Reform Schools Get Away with Brutal Child Abuse

Thanks to the legacy of a Texas pastor named Lester Roloff—and a glaring lack of oversight from state and local authorities—religious "schools" for troubled teens often operate with impunity.
Nile Cappello

Anonymous 'Incest Diary' Is a Brutally Honest Account of Paternal Rape

From ages 3 to 21, a woman was raped and abused by her father. Her new memoir examines the trauma and its aftermath in unprecedented detail.
Lauren Oyler
Policing The Web

Volunteers Are Helping Europol Geo-Locate Child Abuse Images

In June, the European Union's law enforcement agency launched a crowdsourcing project to identify items in child abuse images. Online sleuths have already matched plenty of localized objects.
Joseph Cox

Child Abusers Ran Fake Chat Sites to Trick Kids

Abusers would coerce victims with webcam footage of other children, or "loops."
Joseph Cox