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Big Money Will Dominate the 2018 Midterm Elections, But It Doesn't Have to

Big money has corrupted our democracy, but campaign finance reform legislation at both the local and federal level can protect the interests of American citizens.
Jasper Craven

This App Alerts You When You Have Been Reading Too Many Conservative or Liberal News Stories

Social media news is making us dumber and more hateful, but reading stories that other people see may get you out of your political bubble.
Emily Weitz
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Money in Politics is Corrupting American Democracy

Your vote is more important than ever in fighting back big money undermining the political process.
Tiffany Muller

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on Saving American Democracy

VICE Impact talks to the junior Senator from Rhode Island about money in politics, climate change, and making democracy work for you.
Nick Chedli Carter
private prisons

A big private prison operator may have illegally funded a Trump super PAC

Keegan Hamilton
2016 US election

Hillary Clinton is raising millions from hedge funds, thanks to Citizens United

It's a stark contrast to her primary opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, whose campaign was fueled primarily by small donations and who vocally refused to create super PACs of his own.
Brendan James
climate change

How ExxonMobil and Airbnb Are Using the First Amendment to Fight Regulation

Corporations are arguing that government regulations and even fraud investigations violate their right to free expression.
Sam Gustin

Hundreds Arrested at US Capitol During 'Democracy Spring' Campaign Finance Protests

After organizing a march from Philadelphia to DC, Democracy Spring protesters occupied the US Capitol steps on Monday, calling for an end to corporate and dark money in politics.
Sarah Mimms

Super PAC-Funded Jeb Bush Says There’s Too Much Anonymous Money in Politics

Bush, who has benefited more from super PACs than any other candidate, says US should overturn controversial 'Citizens United' ruling.
Sarah Mimms

Brazil's Top Court Outlaws Corporate Contributions to Political Campaigns

Although touted by good governance advocates as vital to the fight against graft and malfeasance, others believe the ruling in Brazil will simply force campaign cash under the table.
Ben Tavener

Wisconsin Tribes and Environmentalists Put a Halt to a $1.5 Billion Iron Ore Mine Project

The company spearheading the project has closed its offices but the big-money behind it remains entrenched in Wisconsin — and beyond.
Lois Parshley

Meet the 'Merchants of Doubt' Who Sow Confusion about Tobacco Smoke and Climate Change

Climate change deniers have borrowed a page from efforts to sow confusion about the link between nicotine and cancer, the hole in the Ozone Layer, and other efforts to protect human health and the environment.
Laura Dattaro