Stop Dressing Like Trash at Home

If you don’t think you need to look like you’re on the runway while watching "The Silence of the Lambs" for the thirty-second time, you’re in for a rude awakening.


'Hitman 2' Makes You The Catastrophe Everyone Is Dreading

Agent 47 may begin as their tool, but by the end, he's the wrench in the gears of the global elite.


The Endless Stream of New Game Releases Is Exciting, but Also Exhausting

In 2018, even new things feel old by the time they come out.


The ‘Phantom Thread’ Score Is Like Its Own Coming-of-Age Story

Wow wild how Jonny Greenwood put out the album of the year in January and it's a no-vocals orchestral soundtrack.


Expressing Blackness Isn’t a Trend, It’s a Lifesaver

Recent Kelela and Kamille videos show how to celebrate being black in ways that feel totally genuine.


Coeur de Pirate on Breaking the Cycle of Alcoholism

"If I had a rough day, I'd have a drink. If I had a social function, or worse, an awards ceremony to attend? I'd definitely have a drink."


“Where Tiny Men Have Been Absorbed, for Questioning the Sky”

Whether ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’ or in ‘A New Place 2 Drown’, King Krule is a satellite, illuminating the endless depth of darkness.


It's Time for Men to Stop Letting Women Get Catcalled

It's amazing how often "you should learn to take a compliment" is said by fully grown men who still haven't learned how to take rejection.


Coeur de Pirate on How to Fail at and Fall in Love

For her latest column, Béatrice Martin opens up about her struggles with dating, why love sometimes sucks, and how she coped with it all while dealing with anxiety.


Viral Black Death: To Watch or Not to Watch

The inner debate on the sharing of black death. It’s complicated.


'Black Panther' Could Change the Black Film Narrative

The film that features an almost all-black cast, a black director, and is set in a world that portrays people of color in a superior light is something black people have never seen before.


8-Bit Philosophizing in ‘The Forbidden Forest’

Existential explorations of video gaming demise.