Leaked Recording Upends Case of 'Rogue Trader' Convicted of Losing Bank Billions

The timing of the leak is ideal for Jérôme Kerviel, who is trying to overturn his conviction for costing the French banking giant Société Générale nearly 5 billion euros in one of history's biggest trading scandals.


A Canadian News Site Just Won $11,470 Because Someone Bypassed Its Paywall

The ruling “is extremely unfriendly to users’ rights or the right to read in Canada."


The Processor in the iPhone 6 Could Cost Apple $862 Million

A jury says Apple infringed on a computer processor patent awarded to the University of Wisconsin in 1998.


Is This Journalist Guilty of Low-Level Vandalism, or High-Damage Hacking?

Day two of the trial of Matthew Keys, accused of conspiring with Anonymous.


There Are Now Four Class Action Lawsuits Against Ashley Madison in the US

The plaintiffs are all unnamed, choosing instead to sue as John Does and Jane Does.


Bakery Ordered to Pay $135,000 for Refusing to Make Lesbian Couple’s Wedding Cake

The owners of bakery in Portland, Oregon, have been ordered to pay damages for denying the couple a cake over religious objections to gay marriage.


Hurricane Sandy Could Boost the Economy, But It’s Not the Kind of Stimulus We Want

When all is said and done, Sandy could end up costing $50 billion, according to estimates by IHS Global Insight.