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DeVos-Linked Adoption Agency Exposed Highly Sensitive Children's Medical Data

Bethany Christian Services left information about prospective adoptees' "intellectual development" as well as their medical histories and lab results online.
Joseph Cox

Snapchat Employees Abused Data Access to Spy on Users

Multiple sources and emails also describe SnapLion, an internal tool used by various departments to access Snapchat user data.
Joseph Cox
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Third Parties Left 540 Million Facebook Records on the Public Internet

The exposures didn’t come from Facebook itself, but do show how data generated by one company can end up exposed thanks to another service.
Joseph Cox
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Experian Exposes Apparent Customer Data in Training Manuals

On Tuesday, Motherboard contacted Experian after a researcher found apparent customer data in an exposed training manual. Then the manuals went offline.
Joseph Cox
Another Day Another Hack

Quora Announces Data Breach of 100 Million Users

The data includes email addresses and hashed passwords, as well as already public information.
Joseph Cox

'Remini' App Used by Schools Left Personal Info Open to the World

The API exposed the profile photos of children, as well as email addresses, phone numbers, and milestones parents and educators use the app to preserve.
Joseph Cox

Snapchat Source Code Leaked and Posted to GitHub

Snap confirmed to Motherboard that an iOS update recently exposed some of the company’s source code.
Joseph Cox