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Topher Grace Reportedly Got an 'Aggressive' Phone Call About His David Duke Role

The caller apparently told the actor his portrayal would somehow ruin race relations in America.
Lauren Messman
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David Duke Is Apparently Worried He Looks Like an Idiot in 'BlacKkKlansman'

The former Klan leader called up Ron Stallworth, the cop who the film is based on, because he was "concerned about how he is going to be portrayed."
Drew Schwartz
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Stormfront Users Say Site Is Collapsing Because Founder's Wife Stopped Paying for It

The hate-filled white supremacist forum is switching to paying members only because of a "financial shortfall."
Allie Conti
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Watch the 'VICE News Tonight' Episode 'Charlottesville: Race and Terror'

Correspondent Elle Reeve goes behind the scenes with white nationalist leaders, the Charlottesville Police, and Black Lives Matter during the "Unite the Right" rally.

Anthony Bourdain in Twitter War with David Duke After Accusation of Supporting 'White Genocide'

How much would you be willing to pay to watch Anthony Bourdain beat the shit out of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke?
Alex Swerdloff

David Duke's Former Campaign Manager Says Trump and the Former KKK Leader Are 'Identical'

"Clearly Duke's controversial views years ago have now become mainstream Republican values," said Michael Lawrence.
Michael Patrick Welch
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More People Are Googling the KKK Than Ever Before

The mass of people searching for the domestic hate group is right up there with the number of searches for the internet's longtime traffic barometer, Kim Kardashian.
Lauren Messman

The VICE Morning Bulletin

The feds clashed over a Clinton foundation probe, ISIS leader Baghdadi apparently releases message as Mosul fighting rages, Cubs fans celebrate World Series win, and more.
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The KKK's Newspaper Wants Trump to Be President

In the latest edition of the 'Crusader,' the national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan penned a letter of support for the Republican nominee, praising his brand of nationalism.
Lauren Messman

Still Racist After All These Years: Why David Duke Won't Go Away

It's been 25 years since David Duke, one of America's most notorious racists, got more than 670,000 votes in the Louisiana governor's race. Now he's running for a Senate seat and doing surprisingly well.
Michael Patrick Welch
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New Year's Resolutions for Racists in 2015

White supremacists have New Year's resolutions too. Most of them involve the subjugation of minorities. Also, puppies.
Dave Schilling

The Black Undercover Cop Who Infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado

"They were all assholes," he told me.
Matt Taylor