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Birth Control Might Change Who Women Feel Attracted To

Women may be drawn to certain men because of the way they smell, and hormonal birth control could interfere.
Shayla Love
mental health

To Understand Delusions, We Need To Listen To People With Delusional Beliefs

A new radio series interviews people with delusions of all kinds, from believing you are dead to thinking you are the second coming of the messiah.
Shayla Love

What It's Like to Believe You're Constantly Being Watched

VICE meets up with a few Americans who claim they're victims of "gang stalking"—a vast organized surveillance plot.
VICE Staff

LSU to Gauge Interest of Saban, Meyer; Jets Fans to Gauge Interest of Quarterback Who Doesn't Inspire Despair

This sounds like a very good plan, LSU.
Sean Newell
truman show delusion

Unwrapping the 'Truman Show Delusion,' Where You Believe You're Being Watched by the World

Psychologists say the 2008 film is a common reference point for many people suffering from certain types of delusions.
Pascale Day

The Nightmarish Online World of 'Gang-Stalking'

The internet creates an echo chamber for delusions and conspiracies.
Roisin Kiberd

Still Being Kobe

Kobe Bryant couldn't give LaMarcus Aldridge the answers he wanted to hear. He probably doesn't even know the questions.
Mike Piellucci

Texas Plans to Execute a Paranoid Schizophrenic Man This Wednesday

Scott Panetti is clearly insane, but Texas officials seem determined to execute him even as his lawyers are making a last-ditch effort to stop the state.
Katie Halper
thump video

Funky Man Under Bridge Lives it Up in Mouse on Mars' New Video

The video is released as part of '21,' a double disc retrospective on the band's output featuring collaborations with everyone from Modeselektor to Machinedrum.
Jemayel Khawaja

What Life Is Like When You're Perfectly Alive, But Swear You're Dead

One morning, Esmé Weijun Wang woke up dead.
Joshua A. Krisch

My Dead Grandparents Make My Mom Win Big in Vegas

Two years ago my mother's mother, my baubie, suddenly passed away—and ever since, my mom’s been unstoppable at gambling. I’m a staunch atheist, and yet I'm pretty sure my dead grandparents have given my mom the power to win big in Vegas.
Josh Androsky