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The Most Unexpected 90s Revival Is... Tommy Lee's Penis

A new image of his famous dong was posted on the Mötley Crüe drummer's Instagram this week. According to his reps, it's a "filter."


Burger King's Instagram Is Full of Giant Penis Drawings

A San Francisco artist used penis pictures as creative "revenge" after the brand allegedly ripped off his art.


This Professor Needs Thousands of Dick Pics for Her Study on Penis Size

She's searching for at least 3,600 adult men to measure their junk and snap some nudes for science.


Leaked Documents Show Facebook’s Struggles With Dick Pics

Motherboard has obtained training material for Facebook moderators which shows the social media giant's shifting policy on "unsolicited adult nude genitalia imagery sharing," or dick pics.


Talking to the Women Behind Reddit's Most Popular Porn Site, Gonewild

"I used to post my face for a short bit, but I got too popular and I had a couple of friends recognize me."


I Confronted the Men Who Sent Me Unsolicited Dick Pics

Not that I recommend doing it, or even having conversations with men at all.


Historians Are Debating if Walt Whitman Took a Dick Pic

It's beloved poet Walt Whitman's 198th birthday, and we're looking at his alleged nudes.


The Growing World of Anonymous Dick Pic Appreciation Sites

In the age of the unsolicited dick pic, the medium often gets a bad rap. Online forums where users can appreciate strangers' members allow users to explore their exhibitionistic side with consent (and lots of enthusiasm from viewers).


Meet the Sexy Nude Dudes Behind Reddit’s Lady Boners Gone Wild

It's about so much more than dick pics!


This Woman Turned Her Collection of Unsolicited Dick Pics into an Art Show

"I Didn't Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics" features about 200 framed photos of dicks, arranged in a replica of the artist's living room to show how pervasive unsolicited dick pics have become.


Do You Want to See Justin Bieber's Dong?

Let us know in the comments!


NSA Song

Hello! We're the NSA! We're spying on every part of your life, but there's one thing we're really interested in.