Black Children at White Schools Are More Likely to Be Told They Have a Learning Disability

Disability classifications in the U.S. are subjective and inconsistent, and prone to bias based on context.
Shayla Love

How to Respond to Your Ignorant Coworker’s Microaggressions

Unintentional biases wear away at your self esteem. Here are some strategies for curtailing unwelcome and discriminatory comments from coworkers—whether they are directed at you or someone else.
Ivory King

Blind People Tell Us How They Experience Sexual Attraction

"My brain usually makes its mind up whether or not I like a person within five seconds."
Nick Chester
The Power and Privilege Issue

What I Wish I Knew in High School as a Queer Person with Disabilities

Advice for navigating—and maybe even changing—institutional bias on your journey through high school and beyond.
Alaina Leary
college admissions

Lawsuit Claims the ACT Sells Students’ Disability Data to Colleges

They claim that the personal data sold could sway colleges’ admission and financial aid decisions.
Samantha Cole
Tunnel Vision

New York's Subway Is Hell for Riders with Disabilities

Only 24 percent of the system's 472 stations are ADA-accessible.
John Surico

'Frostpunk' Treats People With Disabilities As Complex Humans, Not Gimmicks

Rather than erasing or dehumanizing people with disabilities, 'Frostpunk' puts some of their experience at center stage.
Kevin Snow
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Delta Tied a Woman with MS to a Wheelchair After Her Flight, Son Claims

An airline employee allegedly told her to "shut the fuck up" when she started crying.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Syracuse Frat Made Another Video Mocking a Disabled Person's 'Light Rape'

Theta Tau has been permanently expelled from the New York university, and 18 students involved have been removed from classes.
Lauren Messman
Race and Health

What Growing Up as a Black Albino Taught Me

You aren't your disability.
Victor Varnado
Unscrewing Ourselves

The Sex Educator Teaching BDSM to People With Disabilities

Robin Wilson-Beattie didn’t get the support she needed to rebuild her sex life after an aneurysm, so now she dedicates her life to helping other people with disabilities.
Emma McGowan

What It's Like to Grow Up with Deaf Parents

Children of deaf adults straddle the complex cultural plain between the deaf world and the hearing world.
Angela Skujins