Bernie Sanders Says DMVs Should Stop Profiting From Drivers’ Personal Data

The comments follow Motherboard’s investigation into how DMVs are selling drivers’ data.


Experts Say Law Should Change to Stop DMVs From Selling Your Personal Data

Motherboard found that DMVs across the country are selling personal data likely without drivers’ knowledge, including to private investigators.


DMVs Are Selling Your Data to Private Investigators

You gave them your data in exchange for a driver’s license. DMVs are making tens of millions of dollars selling it, documents obtained by Motherboard show.


ICE Has Been Mining DMV Databases Using Facial Recognition for Years

"It’s an insane breach of trust," said one of the researchers who uncovered the cooperation.


California Is Investigating a Startup Selling DMV Appointments for $20

YoGov says it is making government work more smoothly for people. The government says YoGov might be doing something illegal.


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