The Race to Win All Races

Michigan’s Jocelyn Benson has a plan to save democracy. Will she and her fellow Democratic secretary of state candidates get there in time?
Ellie Shechet
Internet Insecurity

The DNC False Alarm Hack Is Good Cybersecurity, Bad PR

The DNC thought it was getting hacked again, but it was just a false alarm set off by a security test. It's a sign that the organization is taking its cybersecurity seriously.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Trump's Stupid ‘Where Is the DNC Server?’ Conspiracy Theory, Explained

Trump refuses to believe all the evidence that Russia hacked the DNC, because he understands nothing about how digital forensics works.
Jason Koebler
mueller investigation

The Russians Who Allegedly Hacked the DNC Mined Bitcoin to Fund Their Operation

The Russian hacking team singled out in the Mueller probe’s latest indictment allegedly mined Bitcoins and banked on cryptocurrency’s pseudonymity to keep their identities hidden.
Jordan Pearson
Online Propaganda

Evidence Suggests the GOP Bought at Least 17 Anti-James Comey Domains

The Republican party has apparently created a series of domains to discredit and attack former FBI director James Comey. Meanwhile, Democratic party sympathizers appear to have created similar domains to counter the Republicans’ anti-Comey campaign.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Democrats Want to Change the Way We Select Nominees for President

The DNC's Unity Reform Committee took a big step in reforming the primary process, but there's still a long road to real reform.
Rania Batrice

Bernie Sanders Shouldn't Become a Democrat

The truth is that the Democratic Party needs the Vermont senator more than he needs them.
Eve Peyser

Tracking Down the Hackers Who Infiltrated the DNC

Don’t miss the latest episode of 'CYBERWAR,' along with a new session of 'THE THERAPIST' with Tee Grizzley.
VICE Staff

Why Does the DNC Keep Fucking Up?

The Democratic National Committee could be leading the resistance against Trump, but it can't get out of its own way.
Eve Peyser
Comey Hearing

Comey: Russians Targeted ‘Hundreds’ of Entities in Election Hacking

Former FBI director James Comey's testimony is a solid reminder that the Russian hacking campaign went far beyond the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta.
Joseph Cox
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

UK raises terror threat level to "critical," Senate to subpoena former Flynn businesses, Trump hiring private attorney for Russia probe, and more.
VICE Staff

US Response to DNC Hack Targets One of the Most Notorious Russian Cybercriminals

It's unclear whether this means the hackers are suspects in the DNC hack.
Joseph Cox