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A Teen’s Murder Inspired a Bill to End Road-Rage Shootings in Pennsylvania

The proposed law comes after the tragic death of 18-year-old Bianca Roberson and conviction of David Desper.
Jennifer Mascia
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Nothing to See Here, Just a Florida Man Driving a Motorcycle with His Bare Feet

Is he even awake? Who knows!
Drew Schwartz
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Woman Told Cops She Was a 'Thoroughbred White Girl' to Get Out of a DUI

She also said that she was a cheerleader and in the National Honors Society, thinking that would somehow get her off the hook.
Drew Schwartz

'Mock Trial,' Today's Comic by Anthony Wislar

A man wonders about the mysteries of life as travels through a lush forest.
Anthony Wislar

'The Lizard,' Today's Comic by Diego Cumplido

A lizard gives us some great life advice in this morbid comic by Diego Cumplido.
Diego Cumplido
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The Cat That Surfed on a Van Going 60 MPH Is Somehow Still Alive

It looks like the feline, aptly named Rebel, still has eight lives left.
Drew Schwartz
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Legal Weed Might Be Getting Pedestrians Killed, Study Finds

Deaths on US roadways shot up in states where weed is legal in 2017—and dropped across the rest of the country.
Drew Schwartz
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This Guy Made a Genius Commercial to Sell a 1996 Honda Accord

"A car for people that have life figured out and just need a way to get somewhere."
River Donaghey
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Today's Teens Are Lame as Hell, Study Finds

Research indicates teenagers are waiting longer than ever to date, drive, have sex, or drink booze.
Drew Schwartz

'Precarious Employment,' Today's Comic by Merv Heers

During her drive to an interview, Tahira gets sucked into a strange daydream about monster-like creatures fleeing from a disfigured beast.
Merv Heers
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How Connectivity Is Changing the Way We Drive

We may be years away from gridlock-free highways, but the steps being taken towards a vehicle-to-vehicle reality are already impacting the way we drive.
Aly Comingore
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Here's What the Future of City Planning Looks Like

We chat with Ford's John Kwant about the changing landscape of urban design and what’s next for America’s “smart cities.”
Alexis Chemblette