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A Dirty Ex-Cop-Turned-Gun Dealer Fueled Brutal Violence on the Mexico Border

A gun-trafficking case involving ex-law enforcement exposed the lie at the heart of Trump's race-baiting over the migrant caravan.
Francisco Alvarado

Real Mexican Drug Traffickers Find ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Nostalgic and Relatable

“I’m a clown compared to the drug traffickers in the series, but there is some resemblance there—or at least I can see myself in them.”
Jorge Damián Méndez Lozano
Cartel Chronicles

How Cocaine-Fueled Corruption Helped Spark the Migrant Caravan

Honduras is being eaten up by the drug cartels and their violence, so it's only natural people want out. That's just the end of a long story.
Deborah Bonello

A Tarantino-Inspired Filipino Filmmaker Takes on Duterte’s ‘Death Squads’

‘Manila Death Squad’ is funny and beautiful—until it gets super dark.
Beckett Mufson
Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Talk About Trump's Bizarre Phone Call with Duterte

The US president reportedly congratulated the Filipino leader on "the unbelievable job" he's done leading the country's drug war.
Sarah Bellman

I Smoked Weed Three Times and Ended Up in Rehab Hell

"It was such shell shock that... it was just like my bowels froze, my brain froze."
Maia Szalavitz
Weed Week

How the IRS Screws Legal Weed Businesses

The IRS targets legal cannabis businesses. Now the industry is fighting back.
David Bienenstock

How Two American Teens Became Assassins for a Mexican Cartel

'Wolf Boys,' a new book by Dan Slater, details the bloody rise and fall of two Texas teenagers who became contract killers for the Zetas, the most violent drug cartel in Mexico, killing dozens of people in the process.
Seth Ferranti
High Wire

Why Is the US Supporting the Brutal, Deadly Assault on Drug Users in the Philippines?

Hundreds of people have been shot dead in the street under the mere suspicion of using drugs. And for some reason, the US is sending more money to the government for law enforcement.
Maia Szalavitz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Study Links Long-Term Weed Use to Gross Gums—But Not Much Else

According to the experts, even your lungs don't get a raw deal.
VICE Staff

Can America's Weed Industry Provide Reparations for the War on Drugs?

This month, Oakland's City Council approved a program that aims to give people of color a better chance at entering the state's legal cannabis industry. But will other states make similar efforts to make the green economy less white?
Julia Alsop

Here's What Happens After a Massive Cocaine Bust

Civilians "better duck, first of all, because the bullets are gonna fly."
Allie Conti