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Eric Holder Is Touring Early Primary States to Get People to Care About Gerrymandering

The former attorney general under President Obama would have written the special counsel regulation differently.
Shawna Thomas
Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle's alleged murderer is facing the threat of life in prison

The suspect, Eric Holder, was charged with murder Thursday.
Tess Owen
Nipsey Hussle

The LAPD think they know who killed Nipsey Hussle

Police are looking for a 29-year-old who they say opened fire on the rapper and then got away in a Chevy Cruze.
Tess Owen

What we know about the bombs sent to Trump's biggest critics

At least six pipe bombs targeting high-profile figures were delivered in the last 48 hours.
Tess Owen
Rex Santus
Gabrielle Bluestone
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Obama Nostalgia Can't Save Democrats from Trump

Joe Biden and Eric Holder are both looming over the 2020 race, but should they be?
Matt Taylor
Asset forfeitures

Jeff Sessions just made it easier for the cops to take your stuff

Taylor Dolven

Uber CEO finally resigns after pressure from investors

David Gilbert

Travis Kalanick is stepping aside at Uber to work on “Travis 2.0”

Noah Kulwin
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Uber Is Cleaning House Ahead of Sexual Harassment Investigation

The results of Uber's "independent investigation" into harassment claims are coming to light.
Sarah Emerson
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Yes, Jeff Sessions Is Ramping Up the War on Drugs, Again

The attorney general told federal prosecutors to hit defendants with the harshest possible charges in a total reversal of policy under Obama.
Drew Schwartz
War on Drugs

Jeff Sessions might bring back the war on drugs with harsher sentences for low-level offenders

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made no secret of his desire to revitalize the U.S. war on drugs, and new reports indicate he intends to begin by reinstituting harsher sentences for low-level offenders.
Carter Sherman

Uber is the world’s most valuable startup — and may be the most dysfunctional

Noah Kulwin