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Obama Nostalgia Can't Save Democrats from Trump

Joe Biden and Eric Holder are both looming over the 2020 race, but should they be?
Matt Taylor
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Uber Is Cleaning House Ahead of Sexual Harassment Investigation

The results of Uber's "independent investigation" into harassment claims are coming to light.
Sarah Emerson
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Yes, Jeff Sessions Is Ramping Up the War on Drugs, Again

The attorney general told federal prosecutors to hit defendants with the harshest possible charges in a total reversal of policy under Obama.
Drew Schwartz
uber sexual harassment

Uber Taps Former Advocates to Conduct ‘Independent’ Sexual Harassment Review

So far, there’s little convincing evidence that Uber’s “independent review” of sexual harassment claims won’t take Uber’s best-interests into mind.
Sarah Emerson

Can Airbnb’s New Fixes Prevent Racism?

Airbnb just released a new set of rules to fight racial profiling on its platform.
Sarah Emerson

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, former attorney general Eric Holder says Edward Snowdon performed a "public service," airstrikes kill at least 23 in Syria, Cincinnati Zoo defends its decision to kill an endangered gorilla, and more.
VICE Staff

Will the Press Force the Government to Finally Count the Number of Police Killings in America?

Media organizations like the "Washington Post" and the "Guardian" are trying to answer what should be a simple question: How many people are killed by the cops?
Mike Pearl

How Should We Handle Police Shootings in Post-Ferguson America?

Now that the feds have declined to press civil rights charges against Officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown, police reformers are mulling their next move.
Justin Glawe

George Zimmerman Will Not Face Hate-Crime Charges for Killing Trayvon Martin

The government apparently doesn't consider Martin's death a civil rights issue, even as it continues weighing whether to press charges for more recent killings of unarmed black men.
Allie Conti

Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Wants to Jump Back Into the Drug War

She's taking a hard line on marijuana legalization and civil asset forfeiture.
CJ Ciaramella
Bad Cop Blotter

The Feds Are Making It Harder for Local Cops to Seize Private Property

Attorney General Eric Holder is axing a program called Equitable Sharing, dealing a brutal—if not fatal—blow to the system of formalized American police corruption that is civil asset forfeiture.
Lucy Steigerwald

Can Obama’s Justice Department Actually Curb Police Brutality?

Civil rights activists in Ferguson and New York have pinned their hopes for justice to federal investigations into police misconduct. But these probes aren't a silver bullet.
Kristen Gwynne