Final Fantasy


[Premiere] Video Game Artifacts Explore the Power of Nostalgia in CGI Zine Format

Net artist Donnie Fredericks reflects on his relationship with gaming in the 20th issue of FELT Zine.
Nathaniel Ainley

In Conversation with ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Director Hajime Tabata

Discussing the game's delay, the importance of making it perfect for everyone, and the most popular characters amongst cosplayers.
Mike Diver

A Look Back at the Folly of ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’

The video game movie was a box office bomb for Square, and a disaster for the Final Fantasy franchise. But could history repeat with 'Final Fantasy XV'?
Mike Diver

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Isn’t Just a Video Game—It’s a Whole New Universe

Released on September 30, Square Enix's new RPG is supported by a movie, an animated series, and more.
Mike Diver

The Five Most Overlooked Video Game Good Guys

We already know that a whole bunch of games characters are colossal dickheads. But these ones, not so much.
Mike Diver

How My Favorite Video Game Characters Changed the Way I Dress

What the hell will I wear at this year's gaming conferences? It's a good thing I have iconic female avatars for inspiration.
Kaitlin Tremblay

Meet the Video Game Who's Now the Face of Louis Vuitton

She's a fictional character, but why should that stop her from rocking a chic purse?
Gabrielle Bruney
VICE vs Video games

Louis Vuitton Successfully Discovers the Missing Link Between Video Games and Handbags

Final Fantasy's Lightning is to star in the fashion brand's new advertising campaign, because... Nope, no idea.
Mike Diver
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25 Super Nintendo Games You Should Play Today

Nintendo's 16bit machine is 25 years old, so here's 25 games from the 1990s that you can put on today and forget about frame rate debates for an hour or two.
Ian Dransfield
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Video Gaming's Most Beautiful Moments

Some of the scenes and sounds that have made us swoon over the years.
Chris Scullion
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Can Anyone Make Chiptune Music?

We found out during an LSDJ high with Chipzel, the musician behind the scores for 'Spectra' and 'Super Hexagon.'
Julia Hardy
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Please, Square Enix, Don’t Screw Up the ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake

So much hype, and such massive potential to fuck it all up. So, Square, listen to the fans, please.
Dave Cook