Here's the Trippy as Hell Video for wifisfuneral's "Genesis"

The drug-laced track produced by Ronny J gets an appropriately drug-laced visual.
Will Schube

I Bet My Bitcoin Like a Gambler, and It Made Me Scared for the Future

I haphazardly dove into the world of bitcoin cloud mining to see if I could grind a profit.
Ed Zitron

Episode 15 of the Waypoint UK Podcast is a Sega vs Nintendo Showdown

It’s 2017, so obviously we’re talking about which was better: the Super Nintendo or the Sega Mega Drive.
Mike Diver
Earthworm Jim

You Can Keep Your Crash Bandicoot—When’s the Earthworm Jim Comeback?

Of all the 1990s gaming characters I remember, it’s the Super Suited wriggler I most want to see revived.
Mike Diver
Bad Video Games

How Jaws Killed 'Ecco The Dolphin'

Novotrade International were famous for their Sega series—but in 2006, another underwater creature starred in their final release.
Mike Diver
Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog Was Almost Sonic the Rabbit

Read an excerpt from Cook & Becker’s new art book documenting the development of the iconic mascot.
Arjan Terpstra
Retro Gaming

Replaying ‘The Story of Thor’, Sega’s Own Zelda

I could have sworn this was better than Zelda. As it turns out, it’s not—but Ancient’s game is still, arguably, Sega’s greatest 16-bit RPG.
Mike Diver

Meet the Ensemble Reinterpreting Grimes' Songs as Classical Music

We spoke to Montreal group Plumes about deconstructing the Canadian artist's critically-acclaimed 2012 album 'Visions.'
Corinne Przybyslawski
Games And Movies

Remembering the Identity Crisis of Licensed Video Games, Through the Lens of ‘Alien 3’

If you wanted to play the events of the movie, you had two main choices—and neither of them was really “right”.
Mike Diver
Love Letters

A Little Love Letter to Sega’s ‘Virtua Racing’

It’s not my favorite game or anything, but once it hit the 32X, Sega’s arcade racer blew my mind in a memorable way.
Mike Diver

How I Threw a Party and Made It Into a Career

Partying shouldn’t be about having to deal with an asshole bouncer or finding your name on a list, and it shouldn’t be about entrance covers. It should just come down to if you’re cool, have a good attitude, and wanna have a good time.
Jeremy Fall
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Phil Collins Performed "In The Air Tonight" with The Roots and Wow

Music's greatest dad is back, with his collar well and truly popped.
Lauren O'Neill